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Partnering with progressive companies in the quest for exceptional talent...


Common Agenda is a senior level professional and executive search firm leveraging over 20 years of success in partnering with progressive companies in the quest for exceptional talent.

Building organizations from the top-down or the bottom up; whether for the smallest start-up venture; a mid-sized company; or a large multi-billion dollar industry leader, Common Agenda has the experience and capabilities to meet each client's specific recruiting need. We strive to bring the highest level of service and professionalism to each search project we undertake.

In addition to our deliberated search and recruiting services as a service to our clients, Common Agenda also arranges alliances with specialized industry Consultants, Integrators, and Venture Capital Firms.

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"On multiple occasions over the last five years, we turned to Common Agenda for help in recruiting senior technical staff with highly specialized skills. Common Agenda accepted each engagement as a shared mission, not just a job, and in every case, we were extremely satisfied with the results. Since each of the technical areas we asked Common Agenda for help with was an emerging technology, we witnessed how they systematically "learned" a new domain, thoroughly did their homework, and were able to quickly identify qualified prospects. Common Agenda made genuine efforts to understand the nuances of our needs and to fine tune that understanding through feedback sessions during the search. Thanks to their effective screening process we were presented only with attractive candidates along with insightful data and commentary not only about the candidates but also about the competitive talent landscape and external perception of our company. Common Agenda stayed engaged from start to finish and served as a helpful bridge between us and candidates at various stages, having earned confidence from both parties with their integrity and professionalism. In short, we consider Common Agenda our trusted partner in recruiting talent.".

- Roger Tran, President, NEC Labs America