The time between an interview and getting a call back can be stressful and emotionally draining. Realizing that you’re not going to get that call after all can be defeating and have you questioning what went wrong.

While you may never know for certain, the following five reasons could have played a role in the interviewer’s decision to not call you back.

  1. They Went with Someone Else

Usually the most common outcome, the company simply went with another person because they were more qualified or a better fit. While it’s normal to feel disappointed after seeing another candidate fill the position, don’t let it slow down your job search. Use every interview as an opportunity to improve yourself. One day, you might have multiple job offers to choose from!

  1. The Job is No Longer Available

As a candidate, it’s frustrating to interview for a position that is no longer available. This is not an uncommon occurrence and happens more often than people realize. There can be last minute budget cuts, delays in funding or department restructuring that result in the search closing.

  1. You Didn’t Follow Directions

Many companies will request that you bring specific items with you to the interview, such as a photo ID, list of references, copies of your resume, etc. Following these instructions are important, even if they seem menial. Employers will look to see how you stick to directions and respond to job duties.

  1. You Were Forgettable

Interviews can make even the most outgoing of people anxious. Being uncomfortable and nervous can result in people being robotic during the meeting. If your answers were general and your personality lackluster, it’s possible that your interview wasn’t memorable. While employers won’t turn you away because you’re nervous, it’s amazing what a bit of confidence can do. Remember, companies meet with many people. Be unique.

  1. Your Non-Verbal Cues Hurt You

Besides having good posture, direct eye contact and a strong handshake, there are other non-verbal cues to pay attention to. Show your interest in the position by practicing good listening skills. Relax, smile, and be mindful of restless behavior.

If you’ve made changes and are still not getting calls back from your interviews, it can be helpful to work with a recruitment agency. This way, you receive personal attention toward your resume and interviewing skills, while also being matched to the right job positions.

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