Do you have a high-level position that you are looking to fill? Working with an executive search firm is worth considering. Not only do these types of firms work quickly to fill positions, but they also uncover highly qualified passive candidates not available to you through your current sources.

If you need a quick solution for an open position, read on for the advantages to working with an executive search firm.

Best Talent Available

Search firms utilize a deliberate, repeatable search process to ensure that the best talent is provided to you. Through a research based approach, Executive Search Consultants are able to understand your unique requirements and network throughout the industry to find candidates that possess the skillsets you seek. This approach ensures each applicant is highly qualified before you even consider them.

Access to Passive Candidates

When you post a job opening, you only receive applications from people who are actively looking for a job. There could be great candidates who would consider your position, but they don’t know it exists. A search firm bridges this gap and connects with passive candidates, explaining why your role could be a great fit for their career. This opens you up to new talent that you wouldn’t have been connected to otherwise!

Fast Placement

Search firms work in the background allowing you to focus on your urgent business needs. They provide a a short list of candidates who have been thoroughly researched, screened, and interviewed, saving you from having to sift through hundreds of applications.

Personalized Attention

Your business is unique. Just because you have  a Vice President of Sales position open doesn’t mean it’s the same Vice President of Sales as the company next door. An executive search firm will learn about your business and offer a fresh perspective. Rather than filling positions with candidates that “meet” your general criteria, recruiters find top talent that has been screened for both hard and soft skills, ensuring your business a higher rate of success.

If you’re tired of getting average performers for your high-level positions, align yourself with an executive search firm like Common Agenda. With our dedicated service, decades of technology experience and an understanding of our clients’ unique needs, we can bring you the highly qualified pool of candidates that you’re looking for.

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