Congratulations to Darlene Corrubia for 15 Years of Dedicated Service

Common Agenda would like to wish a HAPPY 15 YEAR SERVICE ANNIVERSARY to our Senior Director for Technology Recruiting Practice, Darlene Corrubia! Darlene’s contribution to Common Agenda has been a key driver for the evolution of the company and has been a large part of us being able to celebrate a successful 20th Anniversary. With over 25 years in the network communications industry as an Executive and Technical Recruiter in both agency and corporate organizations, Darlene is an expert at targeting and recruiting key talent for companies that develop solutions for seamless and cost-effective voice, video, and data technology and services. Her clients include many of the top optical systems, subsystems and component technology companies in the world. Her diligent work as an Executive Search Consultant is incomparable and we are fortunate to have Darlene with us at Common Agenda and look forward to many more great years ahead!

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