Matthew Reaves

Managing Director – Founder

Matthew N. Reaves, CPC, is Common Agenda’s Founder and Managing Director. Driven equally by his passion for the business of technology and his genuine desire to help people, Matthew began his recruiting career in 1984 and started Common Agenda in 1997.

Matthew and his colleagues at Common Agenda have been featured industry experts in articles appearing in various publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Light Reading, EE Times and numerous regional newspapers.

For the 13 years prior to founding Common Agenda, Matthew was the top producer and Managing Director at Corporate Computer Systems’ recruiting division in Holmdel, New Jersey. With two former Bell Labs engineers as mentors, the abundance of technical wisdom at his fingertips enabled him to grasp numerous technological concepts and business models–Moore’s Law among his favorites.

Reared in the shadows of Bell Labs in Holmdel, Matthew resides at the New Jersey shore with his wife. Matthew is an active member of several civic and community outreach organizations and an enthusiastic collector of AT&T and Bell System memorabilia. As a member of various Antique Telephone Collector’s Associations he buys and sells unique pieces of his exclusive Western Electric antique telephone collection.


Matthew Reaves
Managing Director
732.223.7114 x 101

Matthew Reaves


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