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Review best practices in preparing a resume and avoid costly errors in your first impression. See our resume examples for proper formatting presentation and be sure to submit a copy to join our network of candidates.

Interview Prep

Knowing interview basics is crucial but so is reading up on a few simple steps most candidates neglect. Hear our stories on candidate interviews and the feedback we receive from clients.

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Regardless of where you are now, making industry connections today can pay off for years. Follow us to learn the latest industry news and hear about new searches.

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Please note that due to the confidential nature of our work, not all searches that we undertake will be listed here.


Candidates placed who weren't actively searching

Unknown Opportunities

The majority of candidates we place are currently employed and not actively pursuing other positions. Upon discovering the opportunities our clients have, they are eager to explore potential advancements in their career at innovative companies.

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Listen to the types of positions clients are creating and what these companies are delivering in the industry.  Connect with other technology leaders and learn their innovative practices.

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We turn to our proprietary database first when conducting a search. By joining our global network of candidates you will hear about priority searches first and only receive opportunities that match your career aspirations.


Candidate Testimonials

“Several years ago, Matthew Reaves of Common Agenda was instrumental in my decision to make an inter-company move to New Jersey. Over the next few years, as I became better acquainted with Common Agenda, they were able to determine the type of opportunity that would truly benefit me and my family, in our particular set of circumstances. Matthew spent a lot of time getting to know me and identifying what makes me tick as opposed to what makes someone else tick. Matthew coached and counseled me through the job-seeking process, and helped me to land an exceptional opportunity.”

Jim Collier

Senior VP, Sales

“When I was notified that my position was being eliminated by the company I was working at I imagined myself conducting my own recruiting campaign which was daunting to say the least. When I received a call from Matthew Reaves indicating that a colleague had referred him to me it was a quite a relief. From the very first time I spoke to Matthew I felt like he was a trusted partner. He made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this search and he helped build my confidence which was definitely instrumental in my obtaining an offer from the company that I wanted to work for from the first time Matthew mentioned the opportunity. His understanding of my qualifications and how they would match/hold up in the industry was uncanny. Compared to the other recruiting organizations that reached out to me … well, there is no comparison.”

Catherine Takacs

Telepresence Operations Realization Specialist

“If you get a call from Darlene, stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and open your mind to the possibilities. It was clear from the start that she understood her client’s specific requirements, knew her client’s corporate culture and was able to keep the momentum going on both sides. She was eager to understand how I work and what motivates me. In addition, she was great at pre-interview coaching and reviewing my job history and, simply put, made the entire transition an enjoyable experience. If there were a need (on either side of an opportunity), I would not hesitate to contact Darlene to help get me to the next step and encourage others to do the same.”

Charles Peckham

Sr. Director, Industry Analysis & Business Intelligence

“Common Agenda’s deep experience was evident from our first conversation and it gave me tremendous comfort to know that I was dealing with true professionals.  We candidates can develop a very narrow perspective of our own skill sets and experiences.  Common Agenda helped me to broaden that perspective and get a sense of my own marketability and to see how my skill set was exactly what their client desired.  As a marketing professional, I would have liked to think I knew how to market myself, but it was my recruiter, Darlene’s, coaching that helped me land a job that I had previously dismissed, thinking, ‘They’ll never consider me!'”

Jon Secrest

VP Marketing

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